The Maritime Metal & Hard Rock Festival 5

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The Maritimes’ own festival of all things heavy, this weekend celebration of East Coast metal and hard rock bands has proven year after year to bring the best in regional bands, with the occasional guest from out of town. Focusing on displaying the talents of OUR bands in Atlantic Canada, the event is no-holds-barred from start to finish. It’s the ultimate gathering for like-minded folks who enjoy camping, partying and getting wild with fellow fans of rock/metal.



We hope to have tickets/camping available for purchase by the second week of December, if not earlier. If you have a music lover in your life, passes will be the perfect gift and will give folks something to look forward to after the upcoming winter. Most of the lineups for both events are confirmed and we look forward to announcing the new SMOKIN' Festival Team. This WILL be the best season for these festivals yet.
July 28-29th, 2017
SMOKIN' BLUES FEST "Lucky 7" and
Thanks to all you awesome, supportive folks. We are constantly overwhelmed by the support!
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Let's have a little festival fun here folks. After conversing with some of my peers in the festival circuit, it has made me confident in my pre-determination that both of my NS festivals this year will be about showcasing newer, younger, hungrier bands that are eager to draw crowds and show everyone their talent. We will have some established musicians that will will blow your mind too. The festival-thing can fall victim to the "same-old-same-old" syndrome that has been serving to hurt festivals more than help them continue in recent years. Too many acts that JUST WANT MONEY, but have no desire to help attract ticket buyers, or put in any of the minimal, industry-standard practices of self-promotion. And the sad thing is, the alarming amount of them have NO CLUE what it really takes to be professional musicians, yet they label themselves as such. It makes the younger bands see little hope for their musical futures and the music lover in me is FINALLY going to take a well-deserved stand against this. My desire to see young folks want to become career musicians will superceed any need to satiate any ego in 2017. Hobby bands will always be hobby bands, so let's give the bands that are SERIOUS about making us proud the chance to do so. Expect a LOT of fresh, hungry, "ready-to-make-the-next-step" bands.
Here is the fun part....
What bands do YOU see fitting this bill?
CAST YOUR OPINION......Looking for suggestions for
Smokin' Blues Fest 7 or
Maritime Metal & Hard Rock Festival 5th Year Bash.
Have fun. Be kind. Thanks.
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Fans of Maritime Metal & Hard Rock Festival will really enjoy this lineup. Amazing string of East Coast loudness.....
Coming up November 11th in HELLIFAX
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Mettalfest V: Hellacaust, Black Moor, Orchid's Curse and more!

November 11, 2016, 9:30pm - November 13, 2016, 2:00am

Mettalworx Music Group celebrate 5 years of metal event promotion and media with Mettalfest V. We have assembled 10 of the best bands we have previously worked with to play over 2 nights at Gus' Pub. ...

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July 28-29th, 2017
Windsor, NS
VERY LIMITED amount of Super Early Bird tickets available in December in time for a Holiday Special!!
Now you know what to ask for......
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2017 festival news...
MARITIME METAL & HARD ROCK FESTIVAL "5th Year Bash" will include a night titled "Camp Rock-A-Lot", which will feature tributes of the worlds best metal and hard rock bands.
In other words, the loudest sing-along that the Annapolis Valley has ever seen or heard.
Suggestions on tributes are welcomed.....
So suggest away!
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